An Unexpected “Thank You”

I was brought to tears today. I was struggling with work and my own personal spiritual journey. I nearly wanted to give up. But I knew I’d be letting myself and my husband down.

I finally found the will to get online and dig into my list of things to do.

I manage Inmate Blogger. It’s a collection of blogs written by men in prison. I don’t get paid for this. I’d call it charity/volunteer/non-profit work for right now.

I saw that I had about 60 emails from inmates, all waiting for me to post their work. I was expecting a large number like that. After all, I let things back up, knowing very well that I shouldn’t have let that happen.

About an hour into my work load, I find an email addressed to me.

As I opened it, tears streamed down my face as I began reading. This man, whom I’ve never met, wrote me the sweetest thank you:

“…thank you for what you have brought to many of us here behind these walls. What you have done has allowed us to have a voice to our words…”

I’ve been managing this blog site for several months now, and he is the first man who took the time to personally write me a thank you. I felt sooo appreciated and valued. I had been starting to feel invisible. I truly needed that recognition.

The Universe has perfect timing. I had been searching for a voice of my own. Little did I know that I would find it through helping other peoples’ voices to be heard.

This is something that I had to experience, to give me meaning and purpose in my work again.

An unexpected Thank You and an expression of gratitude can indeed have a great impact.


Much Love,


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Author: Suzie Bosko

Born in Fremont, California and now living in Utah, Suzie M. Bosko is an author, blogger, former prison wife, survivor of narcissistic abuse, and lover of the outdoors. She also manages, a website dedicated to giving inmates a voice through the therapeutic power of writing. She believes in letting the incarcerated share their opinions, struggles, and inner thoughts as a way to kickstart their rehabilitation and growth. Please leave a comment, or you may email

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    1. Thank you. No, I had never thought of having an internet radio program. That is an interesting and intriguing idea though. Thanks for the suggestion. Are you in that line of business?


      1. Hi Suzie – I am in the last stages to finalize the Radio Internet software, which will allow us to broadcast live on air. If you don’t mind email me, I can share more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Gratitude and appreciation goes hand in hand and they are very powerful in the lives of those who give and receive them. Sometimes a heart felt thank you is the best reward one can receive especially when you didn’t expect it. Nice story Suzie, keep doing what you’re doing!

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  2. Hello Suzie,

    I have been reading and reading lots of the blogs written by you or your husband. I recently started talking to a man in the same correction center and this is my first time doing so. I am head over heals for him, and it has only been a week that we have been talking… I have told my family about this but everyone just smile and don’t believe me. the stories you all have shared have shown me that I am not the only one in the world to feel such way. So, for that I thank you guys!!!
    I am actually hoping/planning to visit him this year (2015), maybe we can be online girl friends? I have so much to say but having someone that completely understand where I am coming from- WOW, THAT WOULD BE OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!
    Like I said, I am completely new to this to still figuring things out!!!so I might take a while to respond! btw, I live in Maryland which is 45 min from Washington DC… my inmate (as Jpay calls it) is sentenced to be released in 2025, I definitely need some advise from a wise person who has been in my shoes… I hope to hear from you soon! I hope you don’t mind, I will mention to him about this blog- I try to keep him in the loop with all that happens with me and him the same!!!

    Thank you for all you do and have a blessed week,

    ps- sorry for commenting here, didn’t know how to send a message :/
    Renata M.

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