The First Time We Met

We’d been writing each other for several months and had only spoken on the phone a handful of times. He had no idea I was on my way, traveling several hundred miles so we could meet for the very first time.

I was full of a mixture of excitement & nervousness. It was the most wonderful combination that kept a constant smile on my face and in my heart.

After all, I was about to see my fiancé. Hug him, kiss him, touch him…how often do people KNOW when all their “firsts” are about to happen?

Anticipation is my best friend and keeps me company as I embark on my long road trip.

In moments, the energy I was feeling ran down through my leg to the gas pedal. Then, I discovered cruise control. Thank goodness for this.

Fourteen hours later, I’m here.

This little town kinda has a dull & dingy feel about it at first glance. Yet, I’m able to see it through the eyes of a woman in love. This town will be my home. We’ll be married here, our kids will play at that park, and we will do our grocery shopping at that store.

I drive through town and find his street. As I turn onto his long windy driveway, I observe the large luscious trees. All the beauty in nature seems so much more colorful to me right in this very moment.

I reach the parking lot. He lives in a large gated community. I go through security and give them my name. Wow, this place really cares about the safety of their residents.

My eyes and mind soak it all in. A rush of an unfamiliar feeling enters me. My heart beats faster. This just got real for me, real quick.

I rub my freshly glossed lips together. These lips are about to kiss his. And oh my goodness, my arms are about to wrap around him. I’ll soon feel the warmth of my fiancé’s body for the very first time. A smile escapes my mouth. I’m instantly comforted by these thoughts.

I make my way down the concrete walkway. I look up at the big blue sky and see birds soaring so freely. My eyes divert back as I reach his door. I get sensational tingles throughout my body knowing that his handsome face will be on the other side.

The door buzz’s open. And I step into the prison visiting room…

(To be continued)


Much Love,


NOTE: My husband and I got a divorce in October of 2019. The above post was written while we were still married.

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Author: Suzie Bosko

Born in Fremont, California and now living in Utah, Suzie M. Bosko is an author, blogger, former prison wife, survivor of narcissistic abuse, and lover of the outdoors. She also manages, a website dedicated to giving inmates a voice through the therapeutic power of writing. She believes in letting the incarcerated share their opinions, struggles, and inner thoughts as a way to kickstart their rehabilitation and growth. Please leave a comment, or you may email

16 thoughts

  1. Seems YOU are really in love….right now?? Seems to be a reason for me to have a bunch of airplanes in my stomach…because this is how a german describes the feeling when he/seh fell in love. It’s awesome, Suzie. You happy woman, you!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I realized only recently that you were looking back virtually…right?? You’re the woman of that Mr Jennings inmate of a prison anywhere in the US, right?? What is that, please….??????? In german I would yell: “It’s the HAMMER!!” Das ist der Hammer!!

        I like this. It is the crazyness of a womans heart that it can fall in love with a prison inmate. Hey hey. Women rule…;-))


      2. Hi, yes I was writing about when Steven and I first met. Yep, Steven is an inmate in WA, USA. We’ve been married just over 1 year now. 🙂

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      3. I can tell you, Suzie. It’s a german meme. You have to think of a psychiatric pill which can turn the wildest man into a quiet “baby”. Another method to turn a wild beast into a quiet baby is a large hammer. You use that hammer to bang it against the head of a strong man and he will be [at least] silent. *lol*

        So the german meme menas the following: It’s a HAMMER – a huge thing banging against your head so that you become silent, no matter what.


        (A psychiatric pill does the same, it needs no hammer but uses chemical substances for the same effect, so we call a strong pharmazeutic pill “a hammer”. Swallow it, and the bang is right there in your brain, you know?! ;-))

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