Me & The Trail



DAY 22

The views out here are stunning. I’ve been seeing sooo much beauty along this scenic trail.

Today I met a California Corrections Officer who is thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. At first, I felt a bit ashamed to tell him that my husband is in prison. I still have a difficult time sharing that with people, but this presented the perfect opportunity to share my husband’s blog. So I did. And he was intrigued and jotted down Steven’s site to check out. Cool.


DAY 23

I was settled in my tent for the night and ready to go to bed. I soon heard another hiker enter the campsite looking for a spot to set up their tent. After a few minutes of hearing them walk around breaking twigs/sticks I said, ” Hello.”

That’s when I heard it…the loud sniff from a very large animal!

I waited until I could see what it was from my small tent window. Yep! It was a bear!!!

Surprisingly, I did not panic. I knew exactly what to do: make noise.

It went away.

But then it came back a few minutes later. So I made more noise. Finally,the bear disappeared into the woods.

Would you believe it…the bear came back a third time! That’s when I unzipped my tent, stuck out my arm, and used my air horn a few times. The bear did not come back.

In the midst of all that, I said many prayers. I felt a calmness from being prepared and knowing exactly what to do in this circumstance. I was all alone in the wilderness, yet I did not feel alone.


DAY 24


It was another HOT day. I had constant beads of sweat dripping from me. And my water turned warm quickly.

The trail was rocky today and I could feel the 90° heat radiating up from them. It was like being sandwiched between two blazing heaters. But I pushed forward, letting every bead of sweat motivate me.


DAY 25

I made it to Sierra City today for my re-supply stop. It’s a charming little town nestled by the beautiful Sierra Buttes. The first thing I did was buy 2 ice cold Gateraid drinks and downed them. Very refreshing.




I did not see many other hikers these past few days. It was mostly just me and the trail.

I feel success within me after every section I complete. The path I am on has been a rocky one at times, both literally and metaphorically, but the trail guides me in the right direction every time. I will keep to the path and continue forward.


Much Love,



NOTE: My husband and I got a divorce in October of 2019. The above post was written while we were still married.

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Author: Suzie Bosko

Born in Fremont, California and now living in Utah, Suzie M. Bosko is an author, blogger, former prison wife, survivor of narcissistic abuse, and lover of the outdoors. She also manages, a website dedicated to giving inmates a voice through the therapeutic power of writing. She believes in letting the incarcerated share their opinions, struggles, and inner thoughts as a way to kickstart their rehabilitation and growth. Please leave a comment, or you may email

7 thoughts

  1. Whoop whoop whoop all the way Jingles. How blessed you are to have a crest trail, imagine in Africa? you wouldn’t dare no hiking via any forest in the first place. Way to go, I can see Steven’s beam widening by the moment


  2. Hi Susie! Just wanted to check in on you! So proud of you for doing this journey of self discovery! You are such an amazing woman, I hope you know that! Thinking of you, and hope you are well! ❤️😘


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