Benefits of Water Fasting

Water fasting is abstaining from food; a period when a person eats no food and drinks only water.

Fasting is one of the most historically used healing strategies and integrated in numerous religions. It has been around for centuries. To this day, water fasting continues to reveal benefits to physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Here are some reasons why people water fast:

  • religious or spiritual reasons
  • to lose weight
  • for detoxing
  • preparing for a medical procedure
  • for its health benefits


Here are some physical benefits of water fasting:

  • decreases inflammation
  • reboots your immune system
  • improves gut health
  • lowers your risk of disease
  • lowers blood pressure
  • decreases blood sugar
  • aids in the prevention of diabetes
  • promotes autophagy (cellular cleansing)
  • improves insulin and leptin sensitivities
  • boosts your metabolism
  • promotes weight loss & curbs hunger
  • reduces oxidative stress (imbalance between free radicals & antioxidants in your body)
  • promotes heart health
  • slows aging, enhances longevity & leads to longer living
  • fights cancer/tumors
  • improves brain functions
  • can reverse binge eating disorders
  • clears your skin from acne, allowing you to have a healthy vibrant glow
  • whitens the eyes and the teeth
  • boosts mental health


Here are some mental health & spiritual benefits of water fasting:

  • helps your mood
  • helps with stress & anxiety
  • enhances learning
  • elevates your ability to focus & concentrate
  • resets your negative emotional patterns
  • increases clarity
  • improves memory, cognition & ability to comprehend information
  • can provide a boost of energy
  • reduces negative emotions (including tension)
  • reduces depressive feelings
  • cleanses the soul


Much Love,


Author: Suzie Bosko

Born in Fremont, California and now living in Utah, Suzie M. Bosko is an author, blogger, former prison wife, survivor of narcissistic abuse, and lover of the outdoors. She also manages, a website dedicated to giving inmates a voice through the therapeutic power of writing. She believes in letting the incarcerated share their opinions, struggles, and inner thoughts as a way to kickstart their rehabilitation and growth. Please leave a comment, or you may email

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