Thank You’s From The Bloggers…

Every time I get a simple thank you from the men & women from, it truly touches my heart and reminds me of why I provide this platform and service for them.


“Suzie, what you’re doing is great. Being on a site specifically designed for inmate blogs…that is just so awesome. So when I got your email, it felt like my prayers had been answered.”

“Thank u so much for being a voice for the voiceless and strength for the weak.”

“What you do is important to people on the inside.”

“Hello suzie, thank you for everything you do for us, I love blogging so much! its such a therapeutic outlet.”

“Thank you for the opportunity. I think it’s a wonderful thing that you’ve created. Thank you again for the opportunity, to allow us to speak out about the trials and misfortunes of incarceration.”

“I first thank you for having a passion to create ways for our voices to be heard. You provide us with a great opportunity to verbalize our thoughts and add a voice to our lives. I appreciate having this gift.”

“THANK YOU for all that you do for us and our families. So many family members get to hear our messages and it’s because of your efforts and works that enables them to do so. I hope that you are told on a constant basis that you’re appreciated greatly. Keep up the wonderful works.”

“Thank you… Services like these definitely help us increase our rehabilitation and provide us with a way to let out pent up energy.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity you are presenting for those in this struggle. It takes a very passionate person to dedicate themselves to a cause such as this one. Most of us don’t even have the support from those we’ve known most of our live’s.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to be able to write my thoughts on your blog site.”

“Thank you for the forum, sometimes there are moments when clearing my thoughts is the healthiest option for me.”

“Thank u for your time and hard work.”

“Thank you to Ms. Suzie for given us inside an outlet to connect with the world. Its Highly Appreciated.”

“i truly appreciate the opportunity to be heard (real-talk). all too often we simply suffer in silence as the dehumanization persist.”

“Thank you for what you are doing.”

“I thank you Suzie…You are a trailblazer who brings strength…Breaking down walls of separation that will give a better understanding of who we are as individual’s…you are a true humanitarian…. Thank you…”

“I appreciate the opportunity to express myself through words because throughout my incarceration I feel as if my voice has been muted, due to my poor decision I made when I was apart of society.”

“Thanks for the love you give. A lot of us don’t have family or friends that can help or point us in the right direction to receive help. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to have an outlet to vent on your blog site. God bless you for all your time and effort in assisting inmates in these troubled times.”

“I’d just like to thank Suzie for doing this out of her own time, all it takes is for someone to care an it may make all the difference in somebody’s life, whether you have your freedom, or your in my position you can be loved, an you can help in more ways than many. So thank you to everyone who read this blog.”

“I’d like to start by saying thank you. Thank you for giving brothers such as myself a voice. It’s humbling to know that there are still people out there who care about us and the struggle we endure daily. May God continue to bless you for all you’ve done, do and continue to do.”





Author: Suzie Bosko

Born in Fremont, California and now living in Utah, Suzie M. Bosko is an author, blogger, former prison wife, survivor of narcissistic abuse, and lover of the outdoors. She also manages, a website dedicated to giving inmates a voice through the therapeutic power of writing. She believes in letting the incarcerated share their opinions, struggles, and inner thoughts as a way to kickstart their rehabilitation and growth. Please leave a comment, or you may email

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