Inmate Blogger

I manage Inmate Blogger.

It is a collection of blogs written by inmates. It serves as a platform which allows them to share their stories, their opinions, their struggles, and their inner thoughts. You can lock up a man, but you can’t lock up their mind. I believe that the therapeutic power of writing can be a great source of rehabilitation, growth and healing.

This platform is FREE to all inmates, however donations are greatly appreciated.

Inmate Blogger serves different purposes, here are just a few:

  • it helps inmates open up through the power of writing
  • it gives family & friends of these inmates a chance to read about their journey
  • it gives doctors/researchers/students insight into the criminal mind
  • it gives society a glimpse into a real inmates life, their past, & their rehabilitation process
  • it shares stories of innocence
  • it shares a real look within the prison system
  • it offers inspiring stories of change

Blogging is such a positive alternative when compared to all the misconduct that goes on within prison. Please help spread the word about


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